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CLIENT testimonials

Oh Andrea!! We love, love, love our gorgeous front yard! Thank you!!


Kathryn + Mike

Mission Hills, San Diego

This is so amazing! I absolutely LOVE everything you have done. I can't wait to get started on the next phase.



Normal Heights, San Diego


We love our yard.  It's such a happy place now.  You really created the perfect space for us out of our very random thoughts.  We had never been confronted with such a huge creative opportunity.  We were daunted. Many many thanks to you for creating a space that is lovely but self maintaining. 


John and Janie

Santa Cruz

Andrea is AWESOME! She was able to take the mess of pictures, ideas and thoughts we had on how we imagined our front yard to look and turn it into an amazing cohesive design that exactly captured the look and feel we wanted.  Good bye boring lawn, hello beautiful, modern, drought tolerant space that makes me smile every time I come home.  I could not recommend her more highly!



Clairemont, San Diego


Thank you for the beautiful work of art that is my garden.. I am ecstatic with your design aesthetic!



Christine, Santa Cruz



I love it!! I'm totally stoked to have a really beautiful, water-wise little piece of the Earth.




                  Pacific Beach, San Diego


I hired Andrea to design a new drought tolerant landscape when I was removing my front lawns.  I was kind of picky in that I knew what I liked and didn’t like, but did not necessarily know the name of plants I liked or how they would look together.  She was patient, flexible, and creative which is exactly what I needed.  She spent time walking around my yard and talking, listened to me and gave me some ideas for plants to check out. I wanted to save water but did not want it to look too thirsty or too Arizona-like.  She came up with a plan that met my needs, desires and budget.  I hired a landscaper to install it and she worked with him and made sure that the plants looked good and were placed the way she and I had intended. I am very happy with the result and I am planning to use her services for “coaching” on a quarterly basis.



Seabright Santa Cruz


Dear Andrea,

We are so happy with our completely transformed front yard! Thank you so much for all your guidance along the way, sticking with us and lending support from the beginning until the very last planting day.   Thanks for you your vision, plant knowledge, color sense, and the perfect design. In losing the lawn, we have gained a pretty and pleasant room…

We look forward to seeing the yard as everything grows and into next spring and beyond.

Again, thank you for everything and all your post-design help. Between juggling everyone’s schedule, weather and water issues, placing plants and pushing boulders, we so appreciated your flexibility and  on-site help.

Many thanks!


Carol and Bill

Live Oak Santa Cruz

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