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About Andrea

I grew up around art and horticulture - my grandparents' fruit orchard, my mother's art studio and exploring the sprawling trails and plant communities all over California.  These passions have grown with me to the present where I get to share them everyday in my work.


I'm an ISA certified arborist, hold a degree in horticulture and I have a decade of experience in the field- working alongside award winning landscape architects, contractors, and horticulture professionals including veterans of the ecological and sustainable landscaping movement in Santa Cruz and Bay Area.
















ANDREA DOONAN horticulture + design is owned and operated in San Diego, CA.

Based in San Diego, I work on projects and collaborations all over California.  I'm also active in food, garden, placemaking and art communities - volunteering with local boards & committees.  I love giving back while getting involved and plan to do more as my business continues grow. I bring passion for eco friendly practices, cohesive design and colorful whimsy into all my associated projects. 


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